Pipeline Builder for Identification of Targets

Identification of drug targets for human infectious diseases is dependent on information on several aspects like non-homology to human proteins and proteins of human gut flora, essentiality for survival of the pathogen, druggability, subcellular localization, functional annotation, unique metabolic pathways, antigenicity etc.

Pipeline builder for identification of target (PBIT) has been developed to enable users to access information on all these aspects for studying microbial proteomes. Users can build their own pipeline for target identification by selecting, integrating and executing the independent modules that give information on aspects known to be critical in target discovery.


Chakraborty, S., Askari, M., Barai, R.S. and Idicula-Thomas, S. (2024), PBITV3: A robust and comprehensive tool for screening pathogenic proteomes for drug targets and prioritizing vaccine candidates. Protein Science. Accepted Author Manuscript e4892. (https://doi.org/10.1002/pro.4892 )

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PBIT version 1 can be accessed here....